Add the percentage of certain type of items to the boxes


Exactly like the title , since the beta , we have been having texts that indicates chances of certain quality of items in the old past , why they dissapeard since the new Reload update ?
Example : Golden Box
-15% rare items
-45% epic items
-25% legendary items
-6% Mythical item


We know they’re going to change the numbers or the wording to make it sound more appealing anyway…


considering old golden boxes, the % I could extract from my buying sessions was pretty close to disclaimed numbers…

And I think some ppl will notice if told % don’t match at all with purcharses’ results…


Only to wait for the next update of the game always and a mistake that gives you more epic and legendary is always the same :confused:


Oh, wait for the epics of legendary epics to increase that would be another option :confused: