Add regional mechs

Yoshimo was for Japan, but was quite hard to get.
USA Mark 1 was hard to get, and was for US.
However, now we have reloaded, and I think that we should not have to use legacy items to show off our patriotism. I don’t have the skill to make the sprites, but I would like if @Maxy @KilliN or @Zarkares could make them. For now, I have the stats.

Max myth USA mark 1: 1192 HP
297 max energy 76 regen
300 max heat 92 cooling
weight: 427

Yoshimo mark 1: 1089 HP
367 max energy 109 regen
267 max heat 89 cooling
weight: 415

As for the weapons, we have USACCELORATOR
It will be like firewall, but with more reloaded flare.
Here are stats:
192-287 dmg 20 max heat dmg 20 max energy dmg
range 2-6 two push 4 uses no cost 71 weight

Now, we have the Yoshimo counterpart.
Yoshimo whitedeath
here are dem stats
207-380 dmg 97 energy dmg
range 1-2 no push. infinite uses. 62 weight

Any other ideas?
here is the poll

  • good!
  • Nope
  • Very good! however, there are some changes
  • I hate the idea. Windigo and grim are enough

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Sprites done :))

Zarkares desroyed and left the sprite making, probably forever, so don’t tag him.

nooooooooooo. I asked for new sprites. BTW I want both of em to be legend to myth

Flag painting would be better imo


So basically a duplicate/alternate version of Windigo and Archimonde?
Or do you wanna bring back their lost brothers?


We don’t need any more of this garbage tier items in the game.


Why no, and no to what ?

Bringing the brothers back ?

Bcz those items stats would be bad

No to adding these.
We have these 2 torsos already…Why would we clone them?

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The USA Mark1 stats are so overpowered I almost vomited

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Bruh why make new torsos to completely unbalance the game when you could just ask for vanity torsos like the pumpkin that represent your patriotism?

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How about just skins for those 2 torsos that you could apply to them and change the physical appearance, but not the rarity or stats? And make the skin like the Santa hat, 1 gold or something.

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how about a flag paint job you can buy?


I’ve mentioned those 2 times already