Add pure builds bonus


what dew you have against heat man!
these buffs seem to only make it harder for heat mechs while it gives an advantage to phy which are already on top! what’s next? energy get more heat cap? :man_facepalming: just dont add a buff for pure builds, it’s dumb


Physical builds get most trouble from heat because theyh have low heat MAX.

the hardest part for pure Physicals is the heat attacks. Energy not a big deal for pure phys.

now how about the bonus for Energy Pure ? any ideas?


Can you show us your physical mech that you seem to struggle with so much? It may be that you are suggesting this because your physical is killed by heat, but the problem may lie in your mech itself

Does this mean that it is not a pure build if it uses heat or energy modules?

If so- the buff is useless. A physical torso without energy or heat modules would be a literal piece of cake

If a physical with heat and energy modules still counts as a “pure build” then this buff would make physical mechs pretty unstoppable to beat for both heat and energy- considering that physical mechs dominate the game enough already


yeah, this is why i say dont add pure build buffs, and they only encourage less creative builds


no it will never be a piece of cake if good bonus is given to counter that.

nop one can dominate anything yet … the bonus are not decided yet.

Think about the bonus and stop just rejection the whole idea.,


You keep saying this

And this

I can’t accept the proposals- since the idea is bad
Also- what if a good bonus is given, that brings increases heat and energy for having a pure build, physicals will be able to pack on an absurd amount of platings- while still beating heat and energies
We all make bad ideas, but accept it. No one wants this