Add pure builds bonus


How about adding a bonus for pure builds

That is on one condition that you never mix builds items types. All psy or all heat or all energy EVERY PART AND EVERY ASCCESSORY.

Once you make a pure build you get a bonus for going pure builds route.

Most people are using Zak. Torso and mix it with other weapons. We need to make people choose all kinds of torsos by giving pure builds some advantage

For example psy pure builds gets extra heat and energy defense and more cooling and energy regen

Keep in mind that pure builds cant use even tools that increases regen or cooling if not the same build type . That is no energy items or heat items for osy pure and so on

The other hand heat builds cant use hp iron plates what so ever or energy items and so on

100% pure build

Any ideas please say for the bonus

kinda like it, but then spartans would deal 550+ damage, so naw.

so what category would a hp mod belong to or a multi res protector

they should belong to all.

idk about the multi res mod tho, cuz it covers all 3 types and imo i wouldnt consider it pure to any mech

Sorry, not a fan of this idea

Having pure builds is already intrinsically beneficial

If anything, I like builds that mix it up a little (with the obvious exception of the Rank 5-1 Smurfs :robot: that play at Rank 10-6)

Besides, Arena has already introduced bonuses that still need to be balanced and that should take priority

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Hehe, if this happens with 20% arena bonus, Nightfalls would do insane damage.

Then we will have topics like “Physicals too OP - Physicals need a nerf!” roaming around the forums.


HP module is yellow, so it is purely physical. Multi res modules are non-colored, so they are of no type. And I would suggest they either mean “no pure bonus soup for you”, or “disregard the res mod, and eat your bonus soup, broh”. And as for the HP mod, if you build a heater or electric, sorry broh, no bonus. That would make sense…

So you want physical builds to suffer with avenger’s default heat stats?energy mechs being helpless to heat bomb users?this will kinda benefit heat mechs(which is good) but will make the rest really nope :confused:

Alternatively, modules would have to go to the “neutral” category… And then only the torsos would make the difference… You want a Zark on a physical mech? You can, but no bonus…

Don’t think heat mechs will be better because no hp plates
and so maybe physical mechs will be better as they are even now :face_with_raised_eyebrow::disappointed_relieved:

I feel like the only people who would actually use this is heat since pure energy and pure phys would get shutdown almost immediately since the best cooldown they could manage is like 96 with interceptor and the +20% arena bonus. Heat you could at least build around 0 energy weapons like heat bomb, desolation, reckoning, sorrow, 3/5 of your drones, etc.

Just no

no still

I dont want phys builds to be more broken.



(welcome back and behave…:-)…)

I am 100% here for “phys mechs are encouraged to equip 0 energy or heat modules and no resistance mods save for mighty protector” though. I want to fight those all day.

more broken ?

guys we did not discuss the pure builds Bonus at all

dont jump to conclusions so fast.

Actually adding the RIGHT bonus for Pure builds will make each Pure Build unique and very good.

Think of the bonus not of the pure build itself.

So what bonus do you propose?

Also, you rarely ever see a phys build that isn’t pure, in so most phys mechs will be getting boosts

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too op
i like everything (except bugs, and matchmaking plus the 70 weight of emp and heat average disadvantage) as it is
this would limit users because they would want such buffs!
phy would be the most beneficial since most phy only require phy items and tbh they would never mix items, energy would get benefited too since energy mechs love drain and heat wouldn’t get benefited since most average heat builds add a phy weapon like terror cry since they dont have abomination, or may use repulser to get enemy in range

so no, this is a terrible idea :smile:

Phys Builds use Energy/heat modules it is not rue that they are pure mechs.

What I propose ?

For Pure Physical : they take half heat from attacks. harder to shut down.

For Pure Heat : They cool down faster 50% more .

For Pure Energy (dunno did not decide yet )