Add mythical boxes back!

Im not saying to add them back like to get them with some tokens thats too OP,
but you could add mythical chanceses back to the premium boxes like maby 5% mythical or more because it would be cool

Also add a mythical light to the boxes that you can get after beating a boss lvl cause that would be cool to get


Reloaded Mythicals are ions different from legacy mythicals.

Would be pointless to add them in a box for a set cost. (Regardless of said cost).


no they gave myth boxes before and weapons were weaker they removed them because these weapons do more damage and no

Very Vague there buddy.

They removed chances of getting mythicals for some reason. They wouldn’t add it back just because on person thought it was “cool.” And this idea would make it sound as if you want free mythicals of your own, rather than getting them yourself. Trust me, when you make something mythical in this game for the first time, it feels a lot more satisfying.

I only said to add a CHANCE to the premium boxes dude

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Currently. That is the chances for a LEGENDARY in a premium box right now bro.

i know that but its a 10% chance for legendary and i did say it would be at the most 10% maby less

This is my first post guys i didnt say it was going to be good

You said 5% or more.
First off. The devs are not adding this back because you think it is “cool.” You have to state reasons WHY you want to add it back. Saying that it is “cool” is very vague.

ok i will state the reason for my post

Hell no
If u want to see this just go and download an older version of super mechs and start playing that
No myths in boxes this time

Naw bruh, Legacy Mythicals are now very weak, and if you mean Reloaded Mythicals, not even Ts would accept 1 million dollars to implement that, also it’s better to actually acquire the mythicals yourself than buying a few boxes.

i wanted to send this out because i belive it they added LEGACY myths back it would be cool to use them because my old account was good and if they made the legacy ones back they should make them rare insted of myth because they have the same dammage value as a rare and if you could use them to upgrade stuff also i just wanted the legacy torsos and legs back not the weapons because i had old yomatosh torso and legs and i liked them but when i found out they were weak compared to a reamped myth i was sad but if they could make them just as strong as the reamped one it would be cool

Also i just was suggjesting somthing as i said this is my fist time on the form

bro chiiiiiiiiiiiillllllll


Big No.

First off. Yoshimo is the older version of Archimonde. And Archimonde is actually a very bad torso. If you are thinking about GODMODE, there is Brutality. Legacy items are gone. You can’t just suggest to bring them back up.

Don’t spam nonsense in topics. Jesus that’s extra as hell

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bro take a chill pill

you know what?
screw off
i was just suggesting it and it is my first post

Hey, its what I think about.
Also. If you want to start a fight, try PMing me rather than doing it on this topic.
Otherwise it is going into the “off topic” section.

This is my opinion.

what ever this topic has been taken down so yeh