Add more weight, but not in the way you think


hi… so
basically my idea is why not add 1 max weight per level? basically at the end you would end up with 1150 max weight!
now some of you may be thinking “man this is too op…” or “nah 1000 is better, more challenging and other stuff” then you may be somewhat right but if you think about it, this could allow certain mechs to add a bit extra something, like the normal set ups like the average nightfall, anni and night eagle set… they could equip something extra, energy mechs… they could… idk really :stuck_out_tongue: guess they’ll remain the same. and heat mechs will be able to equip more than 3 weapons without having to sacrifice a LOT of useful mods or utilities while maybe adding an extra weapon

please do remember that this would benefit leveling up so it wouldnt be too op… you need to earn the weight (which most of you already did), it would also make lvl ups more worth it and it could allow more builds that may have been “too heavy” to work. basically lvl up means 1 more weight per lvl (most people will get all the weight they can, some will try to not take too much of an advantage of this because… who doesnt want the refils at the right moment?)

so… what do you think? and if requires a nerf then just add 1 weight every 2 lvls… basically max weight being 1075… please take your time to consider it
ps: i know ideas about weight have already been given and disposed… and that 150 is a lot of extra weight, but this would make lvl ups more worth it and having 150 lvl would reward players permanently for achieving the max lvl… so it’d be more of a progressive weight gain, not all at once, of course this means that top players would have the upper advantage because of having the max lvl… but at least they wouldn’t have to worry too much and could get more creative with all the possibilities of builds that before were too heavy, after all… they earned the extra weight

i would like to hear some nerfs if you think 150 extra weight is too much

ok so maybe after getting lv 150, you’d end up with 1010 max weight
not too much and is not weird
how about that?


you need to chill dude


Um the weight I think right know is okay we are all living with it but not bad it’s like we earned it but you start gaining weight past level 30


im pretty sure you always have 1000 max weight… always, at the beginning and at the end… i have a new account that proves me right…
unless there’s a new mini update they did like the armory or the tutorial with waves


I ment if your thing was put into sm you would start gaining weight at level 30


hmmm that does sound a bit better… max 1120 weight

yeah sounds intriguing
a great way to price the player for staying long enough to get that buff

imma edit it


How about past 50? Then it’s 1100 and it’s not so weird.


well 100 does sound good… and is not too op
this sounds good…
but then why not instead you get 2 weight every 3 lvls?
this way even a beginner can get a bit of the buff?


How about no additional weight bonus at all?

This will just allow smurfs/already powerful people to become more powerful and annoying.

Plus you’d see more packing unnecessary as weapons…items…etc


You were given 1000 kg since sm started.(2012)

You were given THIS amount of kilos to make the best mech within 1k.


If it was like 10 kgs once you reach level 150, then fine.(i can’t equip a protector on my second mech because of this, it becomes 1kg overweight lol)
but extra 150-50 kg?
Hell no.


well that’s too specific… :stuck_out_tongue:


Claw mechs with another weapon- please no


hmm true…

i hate the 20 words min


From 1075 to 1100 to 1120… Why do you not just declare that players should be able to make a 2000 kg heavy mech?

There is a reason for the weight limit:
To disable just equipping whatever weapons, modules, torsos and legs you have into one overpowered freaking monster.
The weight limit forces players to think about what to equip and what not instead of just equipping everything.
Your idea of 100 kg extra would allow The Claw users to equip not only 2 Spartans and 1 Mercy but to equip a 2nd Mercy or 2 Nightfalls in addition to those 2 Spartans and the Mercy.

The only extra weight that might be good addition would be a tolerance of 5-10 kg overweight which could sometimes allow one to switch modules.
But more than that is out of the question.

If you still want a higher weight limit.
Sure, let us make the new weight limit 2000 kg.
But in exchange ALL items would have their current weight DOUBLED.


Why not 50,000kg so it’s a bit more realistic?

Yes, multiply weight of everything by 50


lol, that’d change nothing
but maybe adding a bit of extra weight would be good