Add more types of floor pads

How about a new floor pad that adds +50 energy to your Mech

Also a new floor pad that gives you +50 cooling

And these pads should have an opposite as well
Such as drain 50 energy/ cooling

A floor pad that can add +25 to your shields

What do you think?
Might mix things up a bit

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More like remove them…


I don’t want this nono,we’re not gonna make floor pads look even worse,just remove em who care.


I say no more Floor Pads !!!


How about a floor pad which adds resistance
One which increases damage
One which increases regen and cooling
One which heats your mech and damages it’s energy
One which teabags you when you die
One which turns you into Squiddy
One which makes you shoot turkeys for more damage but it also damages you when you’re in a range of 2

When we got pads back in testing.

Didn’t we see people testing out pads giving +50 resist?

I doubt anyone would want that. Even people without good l+ protectors.

(Seriously, you get 150 phys res alone with a divined mighty + either 44 res torso).

Pvp would be a joke for everyone

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you ment to say :

there i fixed it :slight_smile:


You uncultured swine…
Don’t bring incorrect grammar on these premises…

good but bad idea removes/adds cooling when on pad goes back to normal off pad betterish