Add More Healing Units

Maybe have/add modules that heals 20 per turn or have a drone that attacks and heals mechs

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There is a Legacy drone… the heal drone which made defensive push mechs really difficult to defeat.

I don’t know if a new item with a similar concept will be released… And I can’t really say if it is good or bad.

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you know +20 hp every turn isn’t a lot. A lot of higher rank players have more than 1000 hp. An example: a rank 5 players does around 260 dmg every 2 turns. That means you have to wait 13 rounds until you get fully healed. but overall it’s a good idea in my opinion

If they would follow the pattern of the old repair drones, that used heat and no energy, and would heal for 60-100 hp/ turn… they would be thr drones of choice for phis builds


No more repair drone please, It would be very annoying. I can only imagine the desaster created by players with Repair Drone, Maximum protector, high energy and heat capacity, and a 20/25% shield.