Add Button Premium "Activate / Deactivate Ads"

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Bueno algunos queremos ver publicidad con la App del juego, de nada nos sirve el premium, si se desactiva la opción de ver publicidad en el juego, debería haber un botón para activar la publicidad.

En caso fuese el de activar notificaciones, no funciona para ver publicidad.

Well some of us want to see advertising with the App of the game, the premium serves us nothing, if the option of viewing advertising in the game is disabled, there should be a button to activate the advertising.

If it were to activate notifications, it does not work to see advertising.

Nota: me parece un sin sentido, que el “Premium” desactive la opción de recolectar tokens con la App.

Why “bug” :question:

If you read “Premium Account” it says …

  • Ad FREE Gameplay

… so it cannot be both, with and without ads :exclamation:


At the App at “Premium Account” it does not say “Ad Free Gameplay” :question:

They’re not bothering the topic. They’re telling you how it is, you cannot watch ads if you’ve got premium activated. This isn’t a bug.


Premium = No Ads

No Premium = Ads

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It applies to each and ever ad. Regardless of what type they are. You cannot define which premium should and should not block.

So please, just deal with it and think before you buy premium next time.

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Change ideas & feactures, Add button premium “Activate Ads”, algunos queremos ver publicidad.
< Gracias Transcendant, ya entendí lo que querías decir XD!

The point is that you should be able to watch ads for tokens and extra silver box cards, even if premium is activated. The ads should only NOT display during farming. I support this idea.


Entiendo, pero la cosa ahora es un botón que active y desactive el Ads.

Yes the idea is good :exclamation:

(but was not a bug :wink: )


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ok pues no es un bug XD!

This is why I don’t touch premium accounts.


Es un botón permita activar y desactivar el Ads, ojala se tome en cuenta, así podremos comprar premium y disfrutar de la publicidad por tokens desactivando el ads
< Es como los que compran cuentan premium de 30 días, son 30 días no pueden ver publicidad para recolectar tokens, entiendo por eso nadie compra premium 30 días también.

Use adblock instead lol

App game = Android, iOS = Premium = Ads block = Not button deactivate Ads = Not watch tokens App Q.Q!