Add a trash feature


Tactisoft add a trash feature so i can get things outta my inventory without spending money on a slight boost.
I haven’t played since the launch of Supermechs reloaded and saw that there was 20 hours until my 400 items were deleted.
I went on again in 10/09/2017 17:33 and saw that it was happening instead on 13/09/2017.

So imma wait untill that happens and my max stars rank 1 account gets brutally f’d.

and here’s a nice screenshot from skyrim


your items wont be lost when the grace period is over , you will still be over the limit , not being able to open boxes untill you got room in your inventory


i cant get rid of them the tho
cuz i cant fuse before reloaded update and i cant open crates to get new items to fuse stuff into, there is a huge flaw in their logic by what u says @Krystal

And also how do u like my skyrim screenshot?


Well, at least the time limit got extended - which means… your screenshot worked! WOW. :smile:

Which means you’ll have time to get new inventory, grind in the campaign and suffer with everyone over the low campaign rewards and difficulty with upgrading and fusing.

Welcome back? :smiley:


A trash feature? No worries, they are working on a toilet (with flushing sound) where you can flush your items down. (you get nothing back)

Idea suggested by HappyPoppers. :slight_smile:


i dont have enaugh gold and i have 400 items over the limit


good good good

20 character limit


I never playd skyrim.


I can’t wait for this solution!

When is this “solution” going to be implemented?

Does the toilet cost tokens?


i frickin hope thet the toilet dosen’t cost tokes like wth would i use precious ressourses just to get rid of more ressources


I’m not sure about that, but I hope there’s no token cost for the flushing sound.

The flushing sound is a must-have!


nice screenshot of soltsheim, am i right?


Huge Trash Can will be implemented very soon !

  • you can throw in items … costs for 1 item 20 tokens

  • you can throw in your account … costs ONLY 500 tokens (BEST DEAL ever so far)

  • you can throw in your brain … thats FREE



to say all these things;;a perfect example of tactic soft capabilities on how to make good players like you mad. i am so mad that i am speechless; instead i read these mad comments and feel relaxed knowing that i haven’t reached the “max level” on madness. some of the best players are so mad now, it’s not too long till the players “transform” without fusion costs


screenshot’s good .but i didn’t understand what you were implying by it. do tell if it can be told


Best thing i’ve read from you… On my entire life Lol


I have like 1.3k ._.


Dunno what y’all talking about…the trash can feature was implemented days ago…