Add A reset button for the campaign

Tokens are pretty hard to come by, so if there was a way to reset the campaign when it was finished on insane mode so tokens could be easier to get, I would totally spring for it.


The problem is that doesn’t give tacticsoft money, so it’ll never happen, because they’re only interested is wasting sprites on garbage, or making new weapons so broken it’s ridiculous



That would only benefit you…

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That’s why he wants it lol.

But yeah if you want a chance of something you want added being added, it would have to appeal to the devs.


a perfect example of this are the side weapons with 6 retreat, using a perfectly good legacy sprite, it just makes no fucking sense

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Exactly, that sends you right into scope range

ok but it’s still really stupid

Exactly, because it puts you where the enemy can potentially combo you with a cockpit(whatever form) and scope

i get that but it makes no sense at all that the user can suddenly jump 6 units far when they should only be able to jump 2

probably stupid levels of recoil or something

but either way a completely illogical weapon is wasting a perfectly good sprite

Listen buddy, play some raid and you will have tokens, or finish the 2v2 and 3v3 maps for token, and complete mission. there is no need for reset button, We don’t need a thanos inside our game. So, i’d rather close your suc, and comment insteas of making useless topics. (Sorry for being a bit harsh)

Pay 1,000 tokens to reset campaign.

Make it 2000 and a VS and you got a deal

pay your entire acc for reset

well, at least i have to pay only 3,000 coins and 56 tokens XD