Add a report feature

Supermechs,I would like to add a report function for reporting players if they break the Supermechs rules (cheat/spam/curse/anything else).Like that the bad players might get banned if they’re reported.

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Already exist.

You can also send emails directly to [email protected]


ow :sweat_smile: :expressionless:

thats theentirety of this community dude.

If you report a player remember to always include the unique Id number they have on the examine window.

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Ok I use it, you are reported …

for …

  • using an energy mech

  • using a strong energy mech

  • don’t listening to your opponents, so they could bet you

  • boosting your stuff

Your energy is to strong, thats not ok. Use a heater, and if you use a heater, only a weak one, or even better use a pyhsical with only 1400 HP.

I wonder like whom I sound now !?



Supermechs good boy AWARD goes to you. Congratulation

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