Add a portal for spartan carnage

Since spartan carnage has mythical, it become a good weapon, but it is legendary to myth, it is hard to get it. I want a portal of it, like flaming scope one
only drop in hard and insane.
are you agree, here’s the poll:

  • Yes
  • No
  • This weapon are OP

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This is an OP weapon gg! 16 PM


But that’s before the nerf I think. Now it does around 200 damage. correct me if I’m wrong

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your’e right actually, so I fused it away, while it was still a legend, because it originally did around 200 dmg without upgrades…

xD i remember this on beta
i was shocked by receiving 300 dmg from grappling & charge on bosses

ayy lmao
300+ dmg grappling hooks are op