Add a Nightmare Level to Campaign


Exactly the same as Insane, but with no Resource Boxes. Would be a serious challenge to have no Repair Kits.

Edit: This would make the ultra elusive Repair Drone even more potent of course… :expressionless:


I guess you want to make campaign impossible then huh?


Hmm interesting thought. The insane is allredy hard to beat. Makeing it harder, by removing the repair kits you get from boxes, would only make players spend tokens to revive.
I see no end benefit from it, except maybe if the rewards were incredibly high.
Further more, adding even a slightly higher dificulty to the mechs in the last zone, for example Big Boy, like even 10 more cooling, or 100 more hp, or 5- more dmg to weapons, would make him unbeatable.
On insane you requier fused weapons +10 at least, to actualy stand a chance.


Even on Insane the first few Campaign Areas are still easy to beat… they do get brutal farther on though. Basically open the Boost Boxes and see if you get Repair Kits… if not… Abort and try again. Nightmare would remove the option just as a “Can you do it”? Rewards could just stay the way they are. At worst we earn some Tokens from the first few areas and then have something to break our teeth against. Big Boy was hard for me to defeat just on Easy… have not even got there on Hard yet.


I doubt you can even kill Bigboy on Insane


Since they updated campaign
I never liked 1 against Many
1v1 the old school , best one


Yes quite old school .i also type of person who wanna kill boss first not his minions and move on to next challenge fast xd . Though i know it maybe fun to play completely but itz old habit i guess…