Add a GOOD physical beam weapon

Sorrow is also significantly heavier

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So you would rather have the Physical section to be filled with Laser beams? Seems legit

Lol no.

Just add more variety. I don’t intend physicals to be lasers all the time as well.

I mean, look at heat. They have rockets and beams.

So physicals should have bullets and beams. I know there’s Reckless Beam, but that weapon is bleh.

Savagery is significantly heavier than Reckless Beam. Reckless Beam still does more damage to make up for not doing any heat/energy damage.

Purifie has zero cost, Reckless Beam doesn’t.

Sorrow also has no energy cost and does explosive and heat damage. Purifier only does physical damage.

Anni is also a no-cost weapon with significantly better stats.