Add a GOOD physical beam weapon

Right now, the only good phys weapons (NF, NE, Mercy, Spartan you name it) are gattling guns(NE Grenade launcher). And
the ONLY phys beam weapons, Purifier and Reckless Beam, are bad.

I’m sure most of you would agree that attacking your opponent with bullets all the time is boring.

So how about a good physical beam weapon? It shouldn’t be op, but just balanced.

That way, physicals will have new building options instead of just making cheap NE, NF, Anni/Mercy builds all the time.


Like a Razor Beam? Like a Malice Beam but physical? That was suggested years ago wasn’t it?

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Always some kind of diversity :thinking:


What’s the purifier look like? I thought it shot bullets?

Puriefier looks like Sorrow, but color yellow.

It was suggested by me, the topic is buried somewhere

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Ah, I do have some ideas for it, but I don’t want to revive a 999 yr old topic, so here then.

I will add “•” before the stats itself if it is changed

Rare :
Damage : lvl 1 - 32-55, max lvl - 53-89
Res drain : Nan
Range : 3-7
Cost : 9 energy and heat
Weight : 70

Epic :
•Damage : lvl 1 - 49-85, max lvl - 103-173
•Res Drain : -2 physical res.
Range : 3-7
•Cost : 16 energy and heat
Weight : 70

Legendary :
•Damage : lvl 1 - 104-173, max lvl - 157-240
Range : 3-7
•Res drain : -5 physical res.
•Cost : 24 energy and heat
Weight : 70

Mythical The level where the damage gets boosted by a mile
•Damage : lvl 1 - 160-243, max lvl - 231-394
•Res drain : -10 physical res
Range : 3-7
•Cost : 36 energy and heat
Weight : 70


Great idea other than the fact that weight shouldn’t change.


Well what do you want? A double Razor Beam that deals the same dmg as Nightfall AND can reach as far as Spartan Carnage without any uses? If you don’t, then the weight should change.

Weight shouldn’t change. Instead, it should just be heavier in general. How about 72 weight instead?

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Hmm… 63-69?

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no i think how about 65

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Poll for weight

  • Weight : 63
  • Weight : 64
  • Weight : 65
  • Weight : 66
  • Weight : 67
  • Weight : 68
  • Weight : 69
  • Weight : 70

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Will be finalized tommorow

To be honest, the weapon does seem a bit strong. Any weight under 70 doesn’t really make sense. Change the range to 3-6, nerf the cost to 31/31, and buff the resistance drain to 11 to make up.

And plus, anni weighs 65 kg and is still weaker.

Ok pluck you, 70 weight it is.

Wait, really? I know it’s 65.

I would also say buff the reckless beam to 254-380 damage and add 11 resistance drain, but increasing the weight to ~70.

Oops, wrong weapon. Sorry. I got the old weight of the Abomination mixed up.

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Yeah, so there’s two identical physical beans, and also 6 total beans/lights for each dmg type :smiley:

Honestly, they need to buff Purifier. It makes no sense that it does the same damage as Sorrow when Sorrow does heat damage as well.