Add a declining clan invite button!

So i left the clan “Trolls Fast” cause of school. Now when i sometimes enter the chat to talk with someone like today with @Wepwawet i’m getting spammed with random messages and clan invites. So my idea is to add a button next to the “battle invitations” one that declines clan invites and getting messages. It would be helpful for me and other players who have similar issues.

Just look! 3 invites / messages in under a minute ._.

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have you tried muting the player who’s inviting you? can’t remember if that works or not.

There’re to Many! When i mute someone someone else joins the chat and invites me…

if it really bothers you create a clan and sit in there untill you’re ready to re-join your real clan


Just block them…

When I had retired from the clan of the leader @Well many people wanted me in their clan 1 minute passed and the chat is full of yellow blocked 1 and 2 appeared a hydra “you kill 1 and 2 more heads will come out” and it is worse if you are a mythical medium like me :’( There I learned that I better stay in the clan that was so that they would not bother me xD

anyways i could need a good clan rn ._.