Add a ban option in clans


Add a ban option in clans.
because there is that one annoying person that i don’t want in my clan who keeps joining my clan. :frowning:
It’s getting frustrating


Aw hell yeah friend!
Good idea…
That would be like familier to clash of clans…

Forgot that i made an acc for that.

Also yeah…i wish if that was added
Cus i remember that trollers trolled my clan


Man i think you can close your clan and select the entries…


Aren’t you able to turn off the free join option? so they can’t join without you allowing it.


but then i would have to be online trying to find members yes, im lazy


Rasie the reqirded rank so that he can’t get in unlless he good enough.


Yeah I agree.


but then nobody would join the person is rank 3


Well then keep them why would you want to kick someone who is rank three out of the clan.


DIdn’t you see, the dude was annoying the crap out of him.


its a legacy player


What does he mean by annoying is the rank three person not playing or helping the clan?




He meant trolling…


Oh how is he still rank three if he uses lagacy wepons?


he/she isnt doing arena


Again, I don’t know. He probably hasn’t picked up any ranking rewards or didn’t go into online battles


Then again, what about ranking rewards? Doesn’t that drop ranks on you when you get it


Oh I see


You wont 't get the Ranking Rewards if you did’nt play for 2 weeks :slight_smile: