Ad suppression after paying

I’ve noticed how in the first couple days after I buy tokens (no matter of the amount) I stop getting pop-up ads (on my phone).
I can still watch ads for extra tokens but,while I farm in the campaign,the ads don’t pop anymore like they used to do in my every mission played,upon finishing the first minion.
This lasts a couple days before the sudden ads start coming back.
Am I right?


Right… that is…

Uhm…send me a screenshot?
Also im at pc so i dont know :3

Screenshot of not poping ad?

I don’t buy tkns, can’t check it


Why don’t they just remove them altogether upon the first payment?
Most games have the “Buy any amount of [currency] to remove ads” feature…
I get it,they have to make more bucks somehow…But I,for one,am very annoyed with the aggressive,compulsive and repetitive ads.I did spend in this game,am I not allowed to enjoy my right of a stupid ad-free gameplay?

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That’s actually would be a cool idea to implement, i would throw my money for it

Here is a word: dont turn on wi-fi.That’s all

You can’t play SM while offline…

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It’s a way to finance the game. If you dont buy boxes, then you pay anyway by seeing ads.

If you use Google, search the web, there are extensions that block ads. It depends how are configured in the game.

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Oh ok i didnt know about sm android version xD

Add Block op

Call of duty black op’s?

I tried…Looks like none of the 4 programs I installed and run worked…

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Donators dont get ads

I am not investing in this game a crooked ruble @TechnoDive

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Premium Accounts from shop also give 0 ads , but you need to pay tokens for that @Soylent

Yes…Even donators get ads after a couple days after payment.
That’s the annoying part…
That’s also the reason I made this thread.

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Because are configured within the game.

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Notice me scamer. if you made a joke about scaming then im sorry mkay?

When did i made a joke about scamming…?

thats what i thought