Ad issue:freezes game!


Everytime I farm and an ad pops up,I get this screen:

There is no ad playing so I can’t skip it.I have to leave the game and re-enter to just finish the mission.Then,the next mission,same story and I have to keep doing it.
It’s very annoying!Please fix this.

Thank you,@Berserk40000 and @Smirk!


Same here anytime I watch any ad multiple times lately,


The ads that give 2 tokens are also broken.
You don’t get any tokens,the ad doesn’t pop up and the game freezes.

If you ask me,I think it’s some kind of tactic to make us buy tokens for refills instead of using free ad tokens,but I might be overthinking it.
Still,TS could do that,as we all know their true faces.


I noticed long ago that if you buy tokens once and keep at least one in your bank, you dont get the in game ads. But if you spend all your tokens you get ads again even if you get free tokens from w.e source. I guess what I’m saying is once you buy tokens keep a couple in your bank for ad free gaming. As for the freezing it happens alot to me regardless.


And that momment i though you’re gonna tag Sarah,but me realising that she left,lmao.

Rest in goddamn piece.


Hey, thanks for reporting that bug, mate :slight_smile:
We will look into it! Sending it to the report already :slight_smile: Have a nice day!


Thank you!