Active players to join clan Metal Reign


Hi guys
I’m seeking active players to join my clan
Some conditions on being part of the clan
1 Minimum of 10 arena wins a season
2 Check in to clan chat to tell us how you are going
3 Try and get the most wins each season
No prizes only bragging rights
4 There is a NO FREE RIDES policy
Inactives are booted after 7 days of no activity . That being said let us know why you can’t play for a period and I’m sure we can come to an agreement .( I’m lazy is not a valid reason)
5 If you need help or advice ask and you shall receive
6 Have fun
Minimum rank 15 to join
This is invite only so if you are keen let me know .

Happy Battles

Edit. I have now changed the recruiting to open so anyone may join if they meet the conditions


i see we found another way to attract strong players :grinning::grinning::grinning:


You seems friendly, luck with your clan :slight_smile:


I AM IN @Enerjonn’s clan and it has a good progress and it is a good clan.
players are also friendly


hey, i’m rank 12-13, 50 arena points, everyday activity, if you need some nice asset, i’m right here


Great if you could join us . Look for me in chat.
My in game name is “Enerjonn”


I have changed the recruiting to open till we fill places in the clan