ACTIVE ERROR cant login into my account

I want to change my e-mail adress and now when i log in it says active error please if some1 can help i would be thankful buddies. asap.

I believe you need to active said email address… Try looking at both your old and new email address for an activation link.

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when i made acc i missed 1 latter in email so i want to change it i dont know that email where i missed later and cont log in in that email

@Alexander :confused: Hopefully he can help

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i rly hope he can :confused:

You could simply register the incorrect email with or or whatever you used, and then request a new activation link here:

This is probably the fastest route to fix this.

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it says
The submitted form was invalid. Try submitting again.

I made that email now on which i register my acc

Try both the old and the new email?

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mail is [email protected] please if you can send me to activate

it says same thing on both mails :confused: i try to activate with the link you gave me

Your email was changed to something entirely different than the mentioned ones…

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Please can you somehow help me out? i will send you any info also sent you msg on skype if you need any private information about account that might help.

i would like just to set a email for my acc and active it if its not a problem

it was robertm***[email protected] y i want to put … my bad

Well, you can just make the email (or use it if you have) and all should be good. Can change it again to the right one after. :slight_smile:

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The problem is the email [email protected] i want to put acc but i write [email protected] when i want to change email adress so i can mate with its alredy in-use. So can i get activation link on mail before i changed thats [email protected] i just make that email and i register acc with that mail. But as i said i changed to unknown [email protected] want put [email protected]. I appriciate all you are doing to help me

Right. This is becoming a little too confusing even for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Send me an email at [email protected] from the email used to register the account originally with any information you have about the account, including any and all receipts if you ever purchased anything.

I really mean any information.

I might be able to do something manually with enough.

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Haha okay i will do that,thanks bro.

Okay i sent you. Done