Achievs for 2v2 Campaign



Campaing is already here and, obvious for me and all others is making achievments for it.

For this moment, while you are working on them just make :

  • Same achievements as for 1v1 campaign.

One principle : Don’t give any “power kits” items for them, specially for ending campaign :exclamation:
Otherwise you will feel inappreciation from community.


Ha HA HA self learn to spell it :joy:

I wrote it right.

And you edited my post and edited it typing it badly XD.:rofl: :grin::joy:

All see who has it bad wroten in post :DDD

Have you problems with writing words spoken others than it is wroten Turk :question:
Yes with offense…


No, i’ve finished both campaigns already and i’m fine. :)


I too made it already on easy… and i’m good with this…

but maybe they will finally do something about… :slight_smile:


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Really no one is interested in achievements :question:

Maybe you have ideas for them :question:


What do you mean by achievements for 2v2 campaign… And how would said thing work?


Obviously i mean getting prizes for completing specific objectives, like making Big Boy 2v2 mission on easy lv.

Same, or similar objectives like regarded to campaign 1v1.


I actually agree that…