Achievements no reward?

this started happening when i started the game i dont know why but half of the time any achievement i completed when i tried to claim it it would load and back me out if i went into the achievements section it would disappear fyi i lost ALOT of gold and gems from this

Yes that has happened to me so many times

It’s annoying, it can be really good prizes but I don’t receive them. :frowning:

@Sarah247 Ever since i started this game, I would get a reward. But once I get to the home page of the game to click the reward it says it’s not connecting, then I lose the reward once I click the achievements. It just flat out disappears. I refresh the screen and it is still gone. And this happen every now and then. Can you please fix it.

It should be fixed now.
You should be able to claim the rewards you were not able to claim before.
Please message me if you need any other help.
Good luck!

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Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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