Achievements Glitch


Is this a glitch? I looked in the achievement thing and it said I had 3 things completed, but when I look at them they aren’t
58 PM
07 PM
This already threw me off 5 times!


Refresh the page…Probably a visual glitch

If not, then idk


Nope. Its been like this for 5 months.


Oh what??? Wow


Sing out and in…
Probably will work.


It probably means you still have those 3 achievements to complete idk lmao


I did say it was like that for 5 months…


I have had a two on mine for a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. Let me know if you get this mystery solved please .


It has driven me crazy for way too long


There was a bug previously that caused this. It has since been removed but accounts still show extra boxes :confused: