Achievement rewards are kind of meh


Achievement rewards are kind of silly for what you have to do to get them now.
Is there any plans on upgrading them?


Yeah,The Achievement rewards should be increased


1000x boosting an item for a 3k power kit… very impressive I must say.
I would change the reward to 3x custom power kits that maxes an item’s level upon fusion. The fusion cost would be about 50,000 SM.


Thanks it took me forever to complete all the achievements the boosting one is insanely hard though.


Yes, we’re planning to add more achievements.
More of the same types as well as new types of achievements later on.


Quick question @Mohadib, if these new achievements include something we’ve already done will we still get the rewards?


I think it’s suppose to track things all the time so basically you could get an achievement retroactively.


Like the ones we got after update… not.


*future update, or the ones that we got before this update.


There was that one… in beta… deal over 500 dmg in 1 shot… after some serious calculations… it is only obtainable by bunker shell of magma blast… the others… well you need an incredible amount of luck with night fall(myth tier, fully fused), or buldog(same as befor),… and -30-40 res to get it.


Don’t hold your breath…i’ve been unable to claim this achievement for weeks…