Achievement reset after restart

I dont know i dont know if it’s suppose to work like this.

After restart app

It would be nice if it get reset every time after rewarding 50 tokens. :grinning:

Of course it’s meant to work like that, you are supposed to take your opponent to -50 res in one match and deal 500 damage in one shot.
That values are just your last shot and last res drain, it’s not a cumulative achievement.

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To accomplish those you can work them together by getting the opponent down to -50 you have the best chance of getting a 500 kill shot. Now a days with the new heavy weapons is much easier than when I did it long ago.
I think it was against GOD mode map when they use to have it.

Be nice if they reset them all so we can re do them :smile:
Maybe add some new ones like instead of just a drone only kill make it a drone EXP only and a drone ELE only maybe even a mele stomp only etc

I have already finished this for a long time