Achievement ideas


Adding to Nick’s topic

I believe this game needs more achievements to give people a new challenge. One reason I continued playing, was to try and get more of my achievements or ALL. The more achievements, the better, as it gives people something to do.

Some achievement ideas:

  • Kill count (as Nick stated)
  • Increased conquer count
  • Increased OPs captured count
  • Increased wreckage captured count
  • Battles won
  • OPs holding (not razed)
  • Metal / Oil / Worker income receiving
  • Score after round ends
  • Crystals taken


Although i’m all for more achievements. lets get more difficult ones? Currently its possible (and easy) to go from 0 achievements to 30 in one era. More easy ones will result in newer players opening new accounts to get easy blues.


says Mr.“doesn’t do the rebel achievement for fun” :stuck_out_tongue:


That accounts on 31/34 now :slight_frown:


How about an achieve for ending in the rank 1 team five-10 times(depending on how hard u want to make it)… making more people want to win eras rather than just accept rank 2 or hand over wins?

just an idea…


@trajic1 Most of these achievements which are now being suggested have already been suggested earlier on the old forum & were rejected for some reason which I don’t remember now.
My schedule is running very tight (thanks to E4, I ended up spending tons of hours in the era when I was only supposed to watch) will soon find the link to old thread & put it here.


As I said before most of the suggestions like increasing op count etc had been brought up earlier too, I found the link to it. But I read my answer on that thread & I’m really disappointed with it. I was so immature then.

Also djina, I think sayan is not aware of the new forum yet. He last visited the old forum on 29th march & before that I even noticed that he visited forum on 11th of the same month. He might have visited more between 11th & 29th.
So make him aware of this new forum.


An Achievement for conquering the rank 1 player by yourself could be interesting? Of course this does not take into account the possibility of other people using Nukes or Ion Cannons etc, or attacking previously.


I feel that’d be tough for the system to decipher itself without putting too much work into the coding


Also a lot of people that are rank 1 are noobs :stuck_out_tongue:

(and I all it would do is encourage spamming of the rank 1 alliance, which I am fine dealing with but it’s still annoying)


Ha, as if you’d ever be in the rank 1 alliance


I was actually, with you :stuck_out_tongue:


Clearly your not very memorable @Carter :wink:


RIP my career :octopus: