Achievement Idea: Unit Kill Count


Hey if we starting to give achievement for razing OPs then maybe you guys can add those too:

Killed 5000 units
Killed 10000 units
Killed 15000 units etc


Achievement ideas

Any achievement ideas are very welcome but I would like some kind of indication of what kind people would like to see.

Maybe make a poll and let players vote? :slight_smile:

Check the little gear icon on the top right of the editor!


Great idea but, I suggest to put polls in all your suggestions so mods and, admins can see how popular your suggestion is and can decide to put it in the game :slight_smile: .


I like the idea, but how do you create a poll?
Nvrmd. found it lmao. its in the options.
Good Idea!


Just cant find it :stuck_out_tongue:




Found it! hehe :smiley:

I might combine the option of a sub with this one, but wanna see some more comments first.


Love the idea mate! There are so many new achievements that could be created, and not only in a single era, but also across eras.


perhaps getting 1,000 kills without losing a battle would be a good achievement to get. I know quite a few people pride them selves on losing barely any battles the entire era.


Yea but they also posted an idea about makin a sub alliance.

You can make a achievement like that. But you can also make like alliance achievement which unlock certain options in the game. Like new things. An 11th players or whatever you can think of?

If this sound like a good idea maybe throw up some more idea’s and we can make a poll


Well For this to work ,Statistics will have to tweak a little or this will get abused :pensive:
You guys probably know, But sending a spam with a huge amount of troops will give you the kills the other troops do, For e.g a teammate is attackiing a HUGE amount of troops you send a spam and you get the kills in your stats,:smirk:
Correct me if its already been fixed, I’ve been away for a while :smiley:


I.E Dommy and his zero intel spams XD


When you send a spam and it gets rekt that counts as a lost battle. So, to get this you would have to stop using spams?


I like the idea but we already have 30 achievements that are exceedingly easy to get, paired with 4 that are rather difficult to get. I would suggest maybe 5000 kills, 50000 kills, and 100000 kills. Numbers that are gonna be like “wow, that era he got that he must have wrekd em!”


I know quite a few people pride them selves on losing barely any battles the entire era.

What a stupid thing to take pride in. Spams count as lost battles and I’d argue that spams are one of the most important parts of the game.

All it takes to have a high W/L for battles is to have a giant arrow and be able to “select all squads” and click on something.