Achievement for spam?


There should be an achievement for spamming.


Graceful title above your head titled “Banned” as your reward.



Wait really? I can’t see it


Oh shoot are you joking or what? :fearful:


You are not doing your best. Release your utmost potential! Crack your hands! Type BD IS BETTER THAN SM!1!!1!!1??1?1$!?1 And get the attention of the admins! AND BE FREEEEEEEEEEEE…

(sarcasm implodes)


(Sarcasm implodes, along with your brain)


Yes bd is better than sm in fact it is 100 times better than sm it gpt both in game and off game mods and it cares about its cute ppl xd😁


Well @MochaLust you predicted that one, good job





would the title spammer be cool? :thinking:


Just a reminder that BD is better than SM. Only has Alex working on it, but he improved the game a bunch and cares about our feels. Unlike the game that has a big team of devs working on it, each caring less about the players than the next.


Just revived a topic yayayay