Achievement bug


guys some levels are bugging me heres a screenshot im in frozen abyss and i dont fight the boss look:


@Sarah247 with the last update a lot of free achievements. can confirm this happened to me


Oh… raid bug.
I beloved it SO MUUUUUCH!!!


@EngineerSM This the same bug right?


Em… do you really right about that fact:
“4,294,967,295 players played SM and cleared raid at 2000 score?”


here is.
engineer sm isn`t my 2nd acc.
i was wrong at 1st edit, i just forgot it.


Please stick to 1 account.

I very much doubt it. Although half the world playing SM would be cool.

@Sarah247 Not sure if this is just visual or something but a lot of the top players see a messed up leader board.


Where do we get rewards: after week or tomorrow?


I’m guessing after a week.


20 characters


look at this too:

So, we played a campaign?!