Account trader, trying to scam

He asked me to pm him, and eventually figured out he was trying to get my brothers account
He claimed he had a rank 3 account, and wanted to trade, but I saw through it and he admitted to trying to scam us

EDIT: Managed to get his forum name, its michelmutcher

That filthy scammer is no match for me.


Which one of you is the older one?

Oh you’re brothers…explains a lot…

He also wanted my account first mock me then I laughed and then he left xD

I wanted the second round so I decided to laugh a little

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I bet Yeet is the oldest… because form my experience, If dank was older, he would be teasing Yeet for being extra…

Unless that’s just me…

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Only stupid ppl give their accs to random ppl

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We are identical twins

So we are the same exact age…

How do you know your identical twins?

If you look alike lol

We tok a DNA test a couple years back

Showed our DNA was exactly the same, meaning we are identical


LoL he asked me the same.