Account Recovery

Hello everyone! I just wanna ask if I still be able to recovery an old account? Like I played before and like stopped it for a year but then, I suddenly miss this game and the thing is, I forgot the password and the email I registered to it. I had many emails before because of name changes due to like I want a cool gaming name. Thanks!

As far as I know, there is no known way to recover your account if you have forgotten the Email.

It will also be hard to convince the developers to hand over the account with just your username but it’s worth a shot.

@Berserk40000 Thanks for your hard work


I guess so, well I’ve created a new account right now and yeah, I’ll just start a new one. It’s just for me, let say a loss that I’ve been working the account for how many months or almost a year and then, I just forget it. Thanks brain and game, due to updates and ads, you made me play the great game again.

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goodluck boi

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Here you go, will give you a boost while on the forums

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Btw, I just wanna ask this real quick, are the Country inspired torsos or mech still alive? like I had one before which is the USA mech.

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no sorry there not here any more.

USA Mk 1 is now found as Windigo, a torso starting at Epic tier
Yoshimo X is now found as Archimond, a torso starting at Legendary tier

And no, they’re not a thing anymore ^^

Right now, TS is more on Monkey torsos XD

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Also, GOD MODE (the best legendary torso)
is now “Brutality” :frowning:

Fun fact: My friend was playing reloaded with his legacy god mode (the one with -24 resist) and someone said to him “Why do you have -24 resist” and my friend didn’t reply. The person proceeded to say, “Hacks?”



I ment legacy
but Im bad at typing so.

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Damn, I also got a GOD MODE torso from the account I’m trying to recover, also got an USA torso. Also update for the account recovery, I asked customer support for the email I’ve registered to the account, they emailed and I remembered the email and successfully logged in. But the thing is, when I went to “forgot password”, inputted the email which is a yahoo mail, said “the password has been successfully sent to the original email”. I don’t receive any email coming from then but when I tried it to my other account which is a gmail, the email instantly appears. Any help? could you mention some officers or even devs? Like the old supermechs forum is bugging.

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Hey, it is actually in the spam :slight_smile:
Very likely, I say :slight_smile:

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Umm sorry for this late reply but I don’t really get the email, opened all possible tabs in yahoo mail but still no, here’s proof:

and btw, I have asked the customer support if it is possible for them to change the email address of the account and sadly, they ask a GPA of my purchase which I don’t know the meaning of GPA and sadlym, I haven’t made a purchase with real money before. Thanks!

Do you know your Username?
You can use that instead

Actually I also did that but still, no email arrived.