Account Problem


Hello I would like to report a bug with my account what happens is that I am charge another account

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Sarah...please a little help?

Hello I would like to help me with my problem of supermechs when I try to access my account I am entering another account that I do not know please help me I do not know what to do


Hi @Anthonny_Redondo.

Please contact with the problem you have encountered.

Please include all relevant details including images if this helps explain the situation.

You should also include your ID which is found within settings.


lo siento pero no tengo fotos del problema solo intente meterme en mi cuenta y creo que se fusiono con otra cuenta mi nombre de usuario es anthonny98 esta es mi ID:21973870


(Traductor de Google)
Es necesario enviar esta información por correo electrónico a

You need to email that information to