Account lost from old forums


My name is Eurasia from LLYL. I recently couldn’t log on to my account because I was trying to change my email in the old forums. Before, I set a random email, never thinking of playing this far. Now I tried to change it to my real one, but then the password chnaged! If you can help me, I’ll tell you everything, even my old password with lots of proof that it’s mine. I really want it back, as I spent a lot of time on it. My email is and if you can, change it back to my old password.

I need help getting my account back please

Hey Kidpower123

With any account issues its best to directly contact with all the relevant information.

They may need:

  • your username
  • Your account ID
  • Your original email
  • The email you tried to change the account to
  • Proof its your account (Proof of a payment is best)

Send them a message explaining the situation and they should get back to you soon.


i sent an email already, but i sent it to the wrong one I think. I will try what you say.


Hello, my name is Eurasia in llyl. I recently wanted to change my email in the old forum to, but now I can’t access my account! Please, Alexander, you know it’s my account and e-mail. PLEASE HELP.

Backup story: I created an account with a random email. But I was afraid of getting hacked or something, so I changed it on the old forums today. But that was a huge mistake! Please help me. I know my password from before, so if you can look up my history, can you help me get it back? I spent a lot of time on this game, and didn’t come this far for some glitch.

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Summoning @Alexander


While waiting for an email back, i clicked on forgot password. I also created my old fake email to a new real one just in case. When I entered my stuff in to my real email, it said to activate your account. I did so and my activation key didn’t come to andrewruth. I tried using the other email (the old fake one), but it said the username/email submitted could not be found, leading to that I actually changed my email to Andrewruth. But, I still cannot get an activation key.


I also just realized that when I try to put in a random password, it says the password is incorrect. When I put in my real password, the one that I thought changed, it says the user is inactive, to which I believe is to activate my account. So my password is correct I think. It’s just that I need to activate my account?


Elcent, can you look at my latest replies please?


Wait, Sarah answer you to email.


Send you a message from your email you sent.


Got my account back! The activation email went to my spam folder *sigh.

Ty for help and supports admins!