Account combiner

Hey guys as we know we have multiple accounts in supermechs I myself have 4. So we can’t remember out shit passwords . not for all so sm team should make a account combiner in the game which allows us to combine all our items into one account. A limit with 4 accounts. 2nd reason u get 3. Bunkers in one account and 8 platinum plates in one account but u want both to be one account so u can combine the accounts into one account and can build better mechs in the game



Why man ?!?!??!

You realise the Terms of Service state that you’re not allowed more than 1 account… So why would they allow this?

And also, this is the reason why Trading will never be in the game. All the weapons transferred to a single account can cause chaos


One word, Smurfs

no, this will allow people to get weapons they cant get in certain accounts, or get really op like just getting bunker shells and other op items

Not only that, this would also encourage hacking.

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What Winz said. You should only be playing 1 account.


I don’t know if anyones explained it to you.

But it is indeed against the TOS to have more than one account. BUT if you somehow do make more, remember that they cannot/will not delete/help you with issues on the second (I believe this applies for all but I don’t recall).

Regardless, you are better off not even logging into nor bothering to use those other accounts.

incase anyone needs this information

It would be great but hell no this will ruin the game and also break the rules.

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Give them the same passwords

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