Account Bugs for New Update

After the Update i cleared my Cache and Coockies.
Then login to game, but i noticed my avatar is just black, i refreshed couple of times and login logout aswell, i also went to the avatar forum and saved it 2x paste the same like 1x but its still black, i even asked one of my team mate in F1 to look at it and he see only black

i went to the account settings to find out what happend, i saw my email is outdated so i update it with my current official email then it says they sent me message of activation in my gmail to confirm but nothing was sent … now i can’t log at all (rock)

currently rank2 F1 and my army will die in 2 ticks if i dont turn around



For anyone else reading this, Freedom simply changed his email and needed to activate the new one by going to his old email and clicking an activation link. Old system. :slight_smile:

Did he die ? Hope he did :slight_smile:


Upgrade to Windows 10 nub