Acc froze during campaign mission

Help!! My acc is froze the moment I won a campaign mission and at that moment for some reason my internet tried to reconnect, no matter what I do it stars this way, I’ve tried multiple devices, restarting current device, diff wifi networks…everything…who do I contact!!!

We know… They know… It will be fixed soon enough

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So will the bug patch fix everyone’s acc globally? Or is it something we have to do ourselves like a log on/off game reset or an app update?

Is there an ETA on the fix?

Seriously I was farming the portal and that was my first mission to get it…uggh

I do not know such information.

I take it many were affected by this?

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Yes. No one can get out and this happened about 8 hours ago too

Wow, you mean I missed the portal by 8 hours?..sheesh

No… they released the portal in the same state as it is now… but took it off to fix it and then re-released it 8 hours later but didn’t fix it lol



same thing… its the portal right?