About this swords with two range

Is this serious? I mean it would make sense if all the swords have knockback to put you in the same position where you started to move.
But swords without knockback basically has 3 moves in one turn:
first: move into range 1
second: hit with the sowrd
third: use the range 1 weapon you have ( which you couldnt if your mech would stay in range 2)

Its like youve made a sword with pullback lol

It could only work with knockback where your mech is going back to range 2 so it can’t use the range 1 weapons.

Im not sure if you didn’t think it through or you just wanted to make swords OP a bit to see more swords in battles.

olli, could you sent me a picture of that sword?

i havent heard of it

Its well balanced bro

Now u can use two swords in a fight haha

All swords not just only one.


That is making swords more powerfull! :stuck_out_tongue:

They all do a lot less damage though.

and my sword is somehow broken.
seriously? it does physical dmg but it drains heat res

I’m sure that’s not intentional.

Now in next update will see sword which can be mounted on torso head.

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well… now i have to rebuild my mech

(posted before seeing how the 2 range was implemented)

Dont stress do your best forget the rest. otherwise this game make you bald.


So… they removed the knockback?

I used to think the knock back of swords was useless. You could sword-stomp or two-sword with a no-knock back weapon…

But when I got used to the new swords with knock back, I saw the use. You, in effect, get distance from your attack. Sure, you could only attack once because you need to get into range, then attack. But it protects you from stomp and other 1 range attacks.

This jump and slash thing the swords do now… only helps the if combined with flames.
It ia a game changer if… you also pair it with flames.Totaly useless against ash generator users… since they drain you fast… and then you are dead.
The knockback of the wepons, befor update was kinda more practical when paired with a shotgun… or another pushback wepon, because it had better dmg then a stomp, and res drain, and you could breack distance by 2 with decent amount of dmg and heat/drain dmg also. Now it simply puts you in a range where you dont want to be… the oponent gets a free stomp on you.

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perhaps the knock back should be returned? the jump-slash seems useful… but the knock back should not have been removed.

so far i know axes and hammers still have the knockback and the 1 tile range, but they do more damage than the swords

Basically they are making supermechs like Chinese kung fu movie where everything is possible.
Sword with 2 range really…

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