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That’s great…there are so many YT SM videos in the forums


Where are further cool animation-sequences,
like those when you “saved-the-world!” (once more) at the tower??

I really liked…:kissing_smiling_eyes::dragon:

Awesome! Thank you! :grinning:

Ok, thanks :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue: I spent all my money :sob: :scream: :roll_eyes: :no_mouth:

you should have bought the premium packs…they are much cheaper

:neutral_face: and i what did buy?

premium boxes…unless this video was before there were premium packs

My friends who bought, they regretted; They only receiving epics and nothing else…

At least, I got 8 legendary :smiley:

yeah…that is really cool

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This pretty cool sm replays for life

hey i know this youtuber name terrible tommy may be we should tell the guy to play SM so that he could do what SSundee did years ago you know he played the game and ask his subcribers to subcribe to the SM youtube channel
i want to tell you this because remember this 1 or 2 year’s ago super mech had a video on it’s channel thanking SSundee for raising the number of subcribers in there channel and all the player got a massive massive reward for celebartion

Ooooooo reviving topics

Mwuhahahahaha I have revived this topic!

Gud show.
Jollly gud show.

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