About the WEAK damage OF SOME WEAPONS

@Mohadib please atention…

It is well known by everyone that each weapon has a range of damage, which depends on the level of resistance that your opponent has, and of that objective pursued by all levels of upgrade the desired FULL FUSED

it has been talked about that to obtain weapons “you must be lucky”

to obtain weapons that can improve their level to mythical “you should be lucky”

to get gold and rewards “you must be lucky”

when opening boxes “you must be very lucky”

To take a weapon to the maximum of its level will take a lot of effort but do not forget that “you should be lucky”

in this cas I already pass through all existing levels of luck, I have been able to take my weapon to maximum fusion …

but now I find a new chapter of “you should be lucky”

It turns out that now my weapon for which I have spent weeks and my case a long time to take it to the maximum in the hope that finally the story of “you should be lucky” are finished…

but suprise!!


“you must be very lucky” - RELOADED 2.0

the damage of the weapons is bad, so much effort for the weapon does a damage that does not correspond to its level of improvements, perhaps now also “I need luck” for the weapon to do what it says it should do?

the result are:






I am a little confused

Supermechs is a casino?
Maybe a bingo?

If I wanted play “games of chance”, I think I would play lottery.
they should check the damage algorithm, and if they do not have it, they should do one.

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First of all, isn’t the “resistence drain” aplied after the shot? That means that it will be added up for the next turn.
I was about to create a post about the same thing, not to complain, but just for fun xD
(mine are at lvl 28 leg so the dmg is about 127-209 and 9 resistence drain)
When i’m at campaing the same weapons do ~175-200 dmg and when i’m at pvp ~130-150 dmg ( - the resistences of the opponent xD)

I show resistance as reference only.

this is a post that shows a inconguence of the system

If you want to make a post like this for fun, it’s your decision

This post was not created for that purpose.

PS when you have yours tags me and we’re going to make jokes in your post

Hmmm ok,
Sorry if i can’t explain myself correctly and i was talking about the same thing (Annhiliators and the “problem” with the dmg) and i said that I was ABOUT to post the same thing for fun and not for complain (this could be an error or not, who knows), and not saying that your post is fun… or making jokes (¿or can you see a joke?)
(Why -a lot- of people are like this in this forum?)
when i create it i will tag you…

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ok bro…is good for me