About the supermechs simulator


I would like to request an update on the supermechs simulator with r-e modules. I have a epic physical resistance modules and i cant find it… Please add.


What is SM simulator




this is a good idea,
in case @Robert_Marian need some item stats, you can find it here.


This is very informative bro/sis :slight_smile:


I wanna know how high my phys resistance can get w my current setup


good job mate I can make now for epic and legendary items also maybe all levels for them


tell me exactly what u wanna have and I will add them …
what exactly means “r-e modules” – sorry for this but i am not that good at english :))


epic psyhical resistance
epic electric resistance
epic explosion resistance


epic all resistances >…



I update it now for epic modules from res.
but about blue one … if I will make a new version i will add all colours (blue/epic/legendary/mythical) items … but idk when I will make such version.

anyway if someone have some request or … update or fixing bugs please post here :
** why I m saying this because if you post there I will get a notification **


can you fight in it?
i cannot press fight button


you can’t fight yet … because the fight button has not been implemented.


The simulator is supposed to ‘‘simulate’’ myth mechs,not small fry.
You can simply calculate it yourself,ask for someone to do it if you’re missing half of your brain or don’t even bother,like most of us.You’ll get an extra anyways.


I didn’t start working at this for the moment cause I have a lot to study before I will start making it

but it will make it once i study enough :smiley: