About the SM Wiki

So… The wiki has been abandoned and I guess all or some will ignore this but, Why not Update the Wiki, Showing everything that changed, Maybe some tips and other helpful things? I mean yeah it’s stupid as no one uses the Wiki anymore…


This was one of my first posts when I joined the forums… lol

People said to update it myself or someone set up a plan to get people to help but that would’ve taken a lot of persuading so I didn’t do it

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I remember my brother Nemesis9 posting stats of items and such on there a long time ago. It should be used more.

What TS should do is recreate the pages they used to have in the settings panel that showed ALL Mythicals but allow ALL things including stats to be shown from in the settings or workshop.

Everything from common to mythical with stats. If they keep the stats in those pages linked to the game then whenever the game stats update so do the help workshop pages without extra manual editing.


If you are talking about the old one…do not change it…or maybe you should add pic’s.

The new one should be update.

I agree so much… Or at least remove the Wiki if not update it, Though I like your idea much much more