About the new "fuel" thing


what’s this fuel thing ,that has suddenly popped up, intended for?
reduce the load on the server?
well , before this fuel thing came i used to enjoy several hours on supermechs ,now i have stop within half an hour? fellow players , please share your ideas ;do we need this or not;
25 tokens for a full refill and 25 tokens for a boosting kit ; seems a new imbalance is coming up


“half hour”? I need just 15-20 minutes. No more than 10 to beat another 2 campaing levels (dont have fuel for more), the rest is to find what useless trash I want to sacrifice to get 5 boost daily task and to get 2 arena wins, and maybe also buy a box or two

but right, 15 fuel is too little amount. If one of missions I beat is boss one (and I am clearing hard/insane missions now), I dont have fuel for another one. I remember, in WarMetal: Tyrant you unlocked permanent energy upgrades as you achieved new levels, I think could add here something like that, increasing max energy as you level up.


I dont like it either takes toooo long to do missions.


I think it was a good idea, because when they updated the map it was quite simple to complete, ahh but if it had had fuel?
A normal person without the "fuel"
It would take 1 month to complete everything.
While one with the "fuel"
It would take 2 months to complete everything, because that’s the idea, to distract from the campaign and be in battles, as many do.


I think 75 fuel poins (or something) would be okay


just done with today’s SM daily tasks.
wow, they increased max fuel. 20 is still not a much, but slightly better at least
{looks with hope onto Devastation Swarm stats}
nope, still the same