About the MechsVille portal

Could we please get these more often? They are very helpful for building 2nd mech and with school in my way i barely got anything :frowning: I was just suggesting we could get these every other day or maybe weekly but still, we need more of these portals.


Instead of a portal, can we get those as our normal drops? Like that’s how it was (minus receiving 4 epics in one box) months ago when I joined.


I mainly want it back because i mean hey i got 2 legendaries out of it in insane on 1 run

yeah, this kind of portal would be good, i mean i got an annihilation out of it
and i got to max my legendary torso (main) with the rares i got

I maxed two mythicals and got a third to lvl 47 with that portal after having farmed it for around 10+ hours.

Definitely wish that’s how our drops were again (like they used to be).

I didnt get a single legendary :frowning: the portal was stupid

The ORIGINAL Unicorn type map (before it got NERFED) once a month or 2 months would be fine.
The PRE Nerfed UNICORN map had the best drops out of all maps run so far.

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