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Place for all players to say hi and make some friends!


Hello, i am from Russia. I need make friends. My name is Alexander, the game is a nickname - Gang_Patrol. <(^.^<)


hi im new how do i get to my own bot


Hi there!! uhh I guess Im good??


hello i dunno what this is supposed to be


The friendliness on this forum is amazing!


hey there my name DŨNG which bassicly mean brave
but i’m a total chicken


You just revived topic lmao


im from brazil,my name is arthur,i have a youtube channel is low on subs,my nickname on the game is XL1Aomegac gameplays im rank 13 and i need friends


hello,my name is w4rd0g,i have been playing for a few years and i will create a youtube channel in the future! so look out for that.


admin i just need to talk you hurry


hi im new here! i want to have fun and to play this game


Hello, I am new here can someone tell me if they have discord so i can talk to you. Feel free just reply your discord to this and i will send the request.


Hola soy de Ecuador y necesito amigo mi apodo es Caballero Mistico y quiero saber como entrar


i played since 2014-2016 then took a break from supermechs, came back and realized I suck, but in the old days i was boss


hi guys i am from hawaii
love video games and my favorite was shovelknight

my favorite movie series was the godzilla series
Image result for godzilla gif
i started sm 2 years ago


We alredy know you.

Welp i think you should met my brother ghost for that.


hola soy nuevo en la pagina


hola soy lautaro y soy un jugador de super mechs y llevo mas de 5 años jugando un placer


not every body not the noobs.