About the forums


so, there are a few things i would like to address about the forum.

  1. so, i understand everyone is gonna hate me and attempt to sacrifice me to a volcano for saying there is at least one thing better about the old forum than the new one. (besides signature), but is there a way of seeing all the users of the forum and sort them by categories? (likes received, likes give, post count, joined date, etc like there is on the old forum)

  2. really loving seeing all the new forum users coming over from Super Mechs. you guys are awesome.

  3. first post on the new forum to reach 1k replies: http://community.tacticsoft.net/t/european-give-or-take/655/1036. congratulations, me. you did well. thank you, you did pretty well yourself. oh stahp et, you. you’re making me blush.

as soon as this game is over i’ll be writing a new one for Asian countries.

  1. @Yahiakh won the game for “last person to post wins the game” game but the win was taken away from him by a moderator.

  2. i will be starting a few various forum games. stay put.


i want to be able to sort users by post count like dis:


I did really like the rankings, made me feel special :slight_smile:


kaen i love u for noticing this


Shhh you can’t win anything :wink:


There Carter, you wanted to feel special. You got a pretty new title <3
And Kaen - don’t out me :unamused: I did it for… reasons (mostly because that game should never end… shame on all of you for letting yahiakh go 24 hours!!)

As for your original post Kaen. No, there are not any ways for normal users to sort like that currently. However, there may be some potential add on’s.
@Alexander - any word on this?


I believe something similar is part of the system actually. Ill enable it in a bit, I think I removed a userlist to try to prevent email spam on the SM team :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m guessing disabling that feature was added to discourse since then. Will find out.


malice ur mean also @Alexander u cant let this go by untouched


was the old forum abandoned? what about the old posts? any chance they could be ported over here?


you can still acess the old forum, it’s just overrun with bots :skull_crossbones:

acess the old ones here: www.battledawn.com/forum/


Sorry, we arent going to transfer over all the posts from the old forums. Too much work and it’ll only bog down the new pretty forums we have here.


Ah, so the old forum is not yet dead. (Probably dying…)

I also understand that you guys better not transfer “all” of the old posts… the BOT army invasion won.


More so, these forums are in a totally different format. Transferring everything over would only serve to take up space and bog up these new forums. We feel its better to just start fresh here :slight_smile: if you liked a topic on the old forums, then start up a new one here ^^

I know on the BD side (which had been stagnant for a LONG time without any updates or changes) has gotten a few things back into view with the new forums. Definitely use this opportunity to bring things to light in the SM side as well in hopes of changing things for the better


i do agree with the removal of signatures part. yeah i understand grandpa devs and mods want to keep stuff tidy but the best thing u always noticed about random on the other forum is there signature (ik this had its own discussion but still let a dude cry)
also stop lying noob kaen yahia never won anything


When you say " u cant let this go by untouched" I hope you are not pointing at your body part that I think you are. :scream:


what can i say alex is indeed an attractive man


btw, another development on the forum: the european give and take game has finished, with Netherlands as the winner


As of now, i am the founder of the only 2 threads on this forum with over 1000 replies.


Shows How Reds Can Buy Happiness, Even though Money Buys Reds and Not Happiness


show me how reds helped me get the European Give and Take game into the 1k post threshold