About the CE ( champion era )


I was wondering if there will be a 3rd one , and when it will be approximately ?
would love to participate in one of the biggest events in BD


I don’t think there will be one, can’t remember the reasons but I think it’s been rebuffed in the past.


maybe someone is thinking otherwise ?
we will watch and maybe get a reply from someone from management


We already had a discussion about this a few weeks back. There won’t be any CE 3.


topic please ? thank you
i didn’t see the topic you discussed thats why i opened this
feel free to close it


There was no official statement from BD Management that there wont be any CE but there was no statement saying that there will be one either. We had a pretty long discussion about CE 3.

CE 2 had drained all the tacticsoft resources and the population also dwindled in following months and it is said BD was on the verge of shutting down. So Tacticsoft cannot take another gamble by organising CE 3


Overall, CE2 was bad for business is the short version. It’s possible a CE3 like era will come in the future, but not right now. Lots of logistics to take into consideration based on the last one. One of the biggest being a tick limit (which most think can’t be allowed on a CE). Overall though, what CE2 taught us was that long eras are the worst for players. It just causes huge lashback. No one wants to spend half a year losing sleep and money just to lose. Sure, the competition was great, but the burnout was greater.


well such events are the events that make BD special in my opinion
you need something every now and then different to normal eras
i understand your points
and i would rather no CE3 if they will add time tick because it wont make sense
hope we will see a one in future


I think for this event you can do CE3 with time limit like 3000 ticks but
who hold most relics when 3000 comes wins the era
seems logical for me


Your logic is flawed.

Basic fundamental of CE-Fight it out until there is one decisive winner.


that winner is the one that got most relics
why not if everyone wants tick limit
other than this way i cant see it happening


I’m really sorry man, its difficult for me to understand what you are saying. Please use commas and fullstop in your answers. Also English is not my first language so it is already pretty much difficult for me.


CE in winter pls :smiley: Ciaoo


@hitmo - Naffo is saying that the winner should just be determined like any normal era. Whomever is 1st at the end of the era’s tick limit

@naffo - Hitmo is saying that a championship era should have a definitive winner with no doubts. The way you have it set up, the most relic holders would not necessarily be the winner. Especially on an era like CE where people boost a lot. With a tick limit, it could end with a team NOT holding relics beating the team with the most. Or even the team with less relics being the winners. There is no way to auto change the winner based on the relics only. It’s always based on score. So to hitmo’s point, he’s saying it needs to be unlimited so that a for sure winner is made clear.

It’s possible to have this with a tick limit involved as well, but tick limits often leave people battle hugging to get as many in the top as possible instead of people fighting till the last second.


It seems @malicewolf got a new job at Tacticsoft Embassy of being the interpreter/translator :stuck_out_tongue:


A 3 tick CE can go as LONG as they want
Max 2 months 3k ticks so make it 4 mnths and we got 6k ticks which we probably dont even need
And in Summer there might not even be a problem with activity

Just my two cents


When it comes to something as prestigious as CE, activity is never an issue. Players will whinn for initial 1-3 days with tick speed but then will give everything they have even if it means degrading health, more backlogs at workplace or school etc.


My god, you must really hate players… 4 months on a 3 ticker… that’s 4 months with no more than 55 minutes of sleep. I think we’d legit kill some of our hardcore players. Because they’d still play hardcore regardless of the tick speed.


Pretty much what I said earlier.

I really want to play something intense like this with & against a strong team in coming months, but the only problem is I got only 2&1/2 months of vacation.
It should be very much fun with no sleep at all. :smiley:


It would almost guaranteed end with players in the hospital… if not dead… Lack of sleep is bad for you, having it for such a long time is not something you can brush off…

It’s not that we hate CE, I chose not to reply earlier (as usual on CE topics) because I am curious what players think/cook up about it.

It’s that the last CE’s cost us so many players, we’re not up for taking chances with our now growing again community.

Why risk all that work on something that will maybe grow us temporarily, but potentially be another major fallback, one that may be too much…?

If you truly want a CE, consider how it could work in that it is both competitive, and doesn’t end up either, depriving our other worlds or making our players quit/worn down.

I’m not saying there will never ever be a “normal” CE again, it may be considered in the future, but well… We have a great game, we love this game, we’re not risking it nilly-willy.

That said, it’s awesome to see players think about it so actively, so please, rock on. Do try to keep in mind that we’d like to survive though. That means our players need to survive too, would rather not have them collapsed behind their monitor because of sleep deprivation :stuck_out_tongue: