About SM Weapons and RNG

I noticed that the newer weapons have a larger distance between their Minimum and Maximum damage. I think there should be less distance because too much of a gap would have too much RNG. I think the newer weapons should have less of a gap between their Min/Max damage.


Negative… They are good the way they are…

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What new weapons?
Do you mean all reloaded items or just items (such as distance shredder or frantic brute) that are added in the game recently?
If all reloaded items, well … They mostly deal 75% of the maximum damage, although yes, RNG.

Other, such as frantic brute, are intentionally this way.
Shotguns are luck-based, despite you may argue with that.

Distance shredder and others may be … I don’t know.
Spartan Carnage didn’t display much of a issue over min/max and reliably hits 75% to 100% of damage.

Consider add res drainers if most of your weapons hit low.

The “Frantic” Serie is supposed to be an RNG-based serie of weapons…

The Recoilers are shotguns, and thus, get wider damage range, because yeah, shotguns

Dark Eagle is a longer-range shotgun, so…yeah…shotgun again

But idk for the Advance/Retreat weapons…I don’t even have an idea of their damage range…


Shotguns have always had a large damage range, that’s part of their design in this game. Brutes are designed to be a flip of a coin, they can save you or they can screw you. All other weapons have at least a small damage range to make things more interesting. If nightfall did 300 damage always, for example, you would know the outcome of the battle immediately, and you would have no chance of beating someone stronger than you. I am very glad the rng is the way it is because I have no resist mods and only one plate, using shotguns, brutes, and heat weapons helps me bridge the gap. Of course, when my luck turns, I lose 5, 10, I think my record is 23 battles in a row. If you cant depend on premium items, you have to grovel at Lady Luck’s feet.


That’s a rather lame explanation
but it worked

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The new weapons are usually fan made.
I think tacticsoft is lazy to draw even it just takes 1-2 hours.


They still have hundreds of weapon sprites from Legacy.

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It’s rather …
Don’t you think it’s a good thing to have member-inspired weapons?


Yes, some may from legacy (distance shredder?)


Distance shredder is made by killin, it’s somewhere in sm sand box.
Having fan made items is not bad, but tacticsoft is overusing them.

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They should at least say thanks to the guy wih the idea. Probably not.

But think about Minecraft, again. Bamboo, redstone, pistons, uh …
Piston is a mod. Redstone is suggested, bamboo was suggested. Ah, yes. Parrots. Pandas. Dolphins. None of those was mentioned to be from someone’s mod and others.