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Hello. I have one small question. Why in the Reign Reforged clan there are players with one or two medals, but with robots entirely from mythical things. I think it’s cheat accounts. Please check these players. in addition, these accounts have very low levels



you can see for yourself and understand which accounts I’m talking about. I can not attach more than one image, so here is the list of accounts I suspect in cheats:
vorgoth (78 lvl)
power (45 lvl)
infinity (50 lvl)
bize (56 lvl)
maximilian (86 lvl)
toxic (68 lvl)
goodsir (46 lvl)
nexus (36 lvl)
all these accounts have a lot of mythical items


Never trust anyone in that clan.


shiro not cheated as much as reign reforged


HTK top clan

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each clan used cheats or bugs :stuck_out_tongue:
well, or zion :wink:


Tbh if u dont remember they could use alot of money they have to buy tokens for alot of gold and items and premium boxes alof of them have good working jobs, alot can happen if your a rich perosn if i had money n alot of tokens and items n gold id have items just like vorgoth and the others i dont think they cheat and if u also forget they have played in the beta version so that helps also with them use ya brain before u go assuming guys :slight_smile:


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read my comment killy


What about them being rank 1 with not a lot of medals makes them hackers/exploit abusers?

Not throwing shade or accusations just asking :thinking:


but let the developers check these accounts, and then we’ll see


And they will be seen as clean if u use your brain


Cause good paying jobs and alot of money n being rich can get u alot of stuff


You forgot me! Or you think Im not ‘good’ enough to be on your ‘cheater’ list?


U dont cheat marija lol


How do you know that they are not cheaters?
developers can see if they have supporter status


Yeah Marija, you’re top 1 cheater in the world


Hi pilots sorry players… what ever!!
if you see someone cheating or a hacking the game. please send your report to: support@tacticsoft.net

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